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Frequently asked questions

Q. What happens if I am asked to confirm my email address?

A. If you have registered with us before you will be sent an email to confirm your email address, click on the link which will redirect you back to the homepage of the website. From here click on plans and pricing and continue the sign up process.


Q. What if I don't receive an activation email straight away?

A. If you don't receive an email straight away please check your spam folder.

Q. What happens after I purchase a membership?

A. You will be sent an activation email to register your membership. Once registered you will be redirected to the login page.

Q. What happens if I forget my login details?

A. Email us via the contact form and we can reset it for you.

Q. What currency is my membership charged?

A. Your membership is charged in New Zealand dollars. (NZD)



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