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Fitness Online Options

1. Home or gym based workouts - designed for your fitness level and ability. 

New exercise programmes scheduled every 8 weeks, including progressions for each programme.

(Body weight or equipment options for home and gym workouts)

(Member discounts apply for exercise equipment)

2. Pre-recorded face-to-face trainer workouts you can complete in your own time.

Each programme and interactive workout comes complete with full video instruction and is easily accessed from your mobile phone, tablet, computer or smart T.V

Fitness test, track, record and monitor exercise improvements over time.

Option to schedule workouts, record weight, body measurements and take progress photos.

Nutrition Guidence

Nutrition is a big part to feeling well, fueling the body for daily life and exercise but it can be difficult navigating what you should eat, when and how much. Our intergrated app is a tool to help restore some control back into your food choices.

It offers:

1. A food diary to record meals and drinks.

2. Calorie tracking with carbohydrates, protein and fats broken down into your specific goals.

3. Easy healthy family recipes to follow.

4. Nutrition guidelines and education.

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