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Workout  Options

Abdomen Exercise

Low Impact

Resistance Workouts

Movement, balance and stability. Progressive levels to allow for the body to adapt.

Lifting Barbells

Split Programmes

2-3-4 day split programmes for greater intensity, including a range of  hypertrophy, strength, endurance/tone, drop set, super set and pyramid training.

Girl Doing Push-Ups

Tabata Training

A range of combo exercises sure to get the heart pumping!

20sec on

10sec off

8 rounds

Llifting Weights

Circuit Training

Weight loss and toning circuit based resistance programmes.

Kettlebell Workout

HIIT Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training.

Great for people who have limited time.

15-20min sessions.

Self Defense Class at the Studio


An instructor guided workout through a range of boxing and kicking related exercises.

Workout with Fit Ball

Swiss Ball Workouts

A range of exercises incorporating the use of a swiss ball.

Great for core stability and adding variety to your workouts.

Studio Fitness

Body Tone

An instructor guided workout through a range of all over body conditioning exercises.

Pilates Class

Strength and Stretch

An instructor guided workout through a range of core, back, hip and glute conditioning exercises ending with an extensive range of stretches.