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10 Tips for Improving Recovery After Exercise

1. Ensure you are well hydrated before, during and after exercise. 2. Eat a healthy meal of carbohydrates and protein within 60 minutes of exercising. 3. Gently stretch the muscles you have been training, including gentle breathing to relax. 4. Active recovery such as a brisk walk or gentle bike ride can improve circulation and recovery. 5. Massage can also increase circulation and speed up recovery. A foam roller can also be used to release muscle tension. 6. Going for a swim or alternating between a cold and warm shower can stimulate circulation and aid in recovery, reduce muscle soreness and flush out waste from muscle tissues. 7. Allow enough rest between sets and training days. Depending on the intensity and type of training i.e. endurance vs strength, a rest period between sets of 30 seconds or 2-5 minutes is required to achieve maximum results and 48 to 72 hours between training the same muscle groups to allow for recovery. 8. Ensuring you get enough sleep will also improve recovery. 9. Avoid over-training, whether frequency or intensity. 10. Use meditation and/or yoga to increase relaxation after exercise. 

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