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10 Tips to Maximise Your Home Workouts

1. Maintain form and technique throughout every exercise rather than rushing through your workout mindlessly. Concentrate on body alignment when performing an exercise, starting with your feet positioning, up through your knees, your hips and alignment of your spine.

2. Slow eccentric contractions adds resistance while safely lengthening your range of movement by not requiring as much weight to feel the same intensity. Slow the negative aspect of the movement (when the muscle is lengthening) to 5-6 seconds and work to full range without creating pain in your joints.

3. Engage your core throughout every exercise to support your back and create better body alignment by lengthening your spine.

4. Choose single leg and arm exercises i.e. single leg squats and single arm chest presses to help with balance and co-ordination.

5. To improve movement awareness and try closing your eyes while performing an exercise. This can enhance your mind-body connection and assist with isolating the muscles you are wanting to target.

6. Use combination and full body exercises to enhance functionality and co-ordination. These compound exercises are also great for time restraints.

7. Use plyometric jumps to improve your power, agility and co-ordination. Whether training for a sport and general fitness, using explosive movement patterns will vastly improve your gains.

8. Although equipment may be limited at home, using alternative things from around the home i.e. furniture or steps for varying height, stools or small tables for upper body work such as lateral or frontal raises, can create variety and added stimulation to your workouts.

9. Partner up with someone to add variation and intensity to your workout i.e. carrying a buddy on your shoulders for squats or calf raises, using their body weight for rows etc.

10. Stick to a schedule with your workouts to avoid distractions from other responsibilities around the home. Your workouts must take priority over other the phone, dirty laundry and distractions from others in the home. Quality is enhanced by commitment and focus.

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