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15 Tips for Avoiding Injuries

1. Build up your muscle strength gradually to allow for tendons and ligaments to adapt.

2. Control your speed with strength training to avoid ballistic movements through your joints.

3. Engage your core for back support and correct posture when performing any exercise.

4. Learn and use correct exercise technique.

5. Where possible, use a mirror to check your technique.

6. Get a training buddy to assist with certain lifting exercises.

7. A bit of healthy competition can improve results but avoid pushing past your limits and injuring yourself to keep up with the competition.

8. Allow adequate rest periods with strength training i.e. for heavier lifting, allow two to three minutes between sets.

9. Don’t train through pain.

10. Allow at least one day off per week and when required, one to two weeks off from training.

11. Wear the correct gear including good exercise footwear and joint support braces or bands if required.

12. Include stretching or yoga into your training regime.

13. Drink adequate amounts of water or electrolytes, before, during and after exercise.

14. Eat healthy complex carbohydrates and protein to rebuild muscles after working out.

15. Use supplements when required to assist with muscle repair and growth. Amino acids and a healthy protein powder are a good start.

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