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5 Tips for Effective Core Training

1. Don't just focus on crunches! Your core includes a number of muscle groups that support your spine including abdominals, extensors, hips and glutes. Target all these muscle groups for an effective and well rounded core conditioning programme. 

2. Don't over train your core! Like other muscle groups, over training your core can lead to muscle imbalances and lower back pain. Allow these muscle groups recovery time. 

3. Don't over arch your lower back to engage your core! Some people think that to get the most out of abdominal crunches that the lower back needs to be put in to an arched position. Over arching can lead to lower back and hip flexor pain plus lead to other muscle groups being recruited for the crunch movement. 

4. As with all training, isolating the targeted muscle group will lead to safer and more effective results. Use deep breaths to fully engage your abdominal muscles. 

5. Don't exhaust your core muscles at the start of a training session! To safely and effectively train certain muscle groups it is best to have fresh core muscles for stability and support. Save your core training for the end of the workout. 

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