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5 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

1. Weight Training: Lifting weights not only burns fat effectively but building lean muscle mass permanently lifts your metabolism. 2. Avoid Trans Fats: Not only are these fats unhealthy for you but consuming them can lower your metabolism, causing your body to burn less fat. 3. Eat More Protein: Protein has a higher thermic effect than other foods, making our bodies work harder to digest it. Eating more protein can lift our metabolism by around 30%. Ensue to eat a balanced protein intake though to ensure healthy digestion and elimination. 4. Drink Green Tea: Green tea can increase your metabolism by 5%. As well as it containing antioxidants and vitamins, green tea helps convert fat into free fatty acids, boosting fat burning. 5. Eat More Omega 3: Food such as salmon, tuna and herring are high in omega 3 which is not only a healthier fat to consume, balancing blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation, but also helps with speeding up the digestive process.

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