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An interview with a PB Fitness Online member

PBOF - Do you train at home, at the gym or both?

Client - I prefer to train at the gym but with the closure of gyms lately I’ve found training at home necessary and a bit more enjoyable than in the past. I also try to jog or cycle a couple of times a week.

PBOF - Do you have any specific training goals?

Client - Not really. Just want to maintain consistency. Would like to lose a few more kg’s but I know it takes time and effort.

PBOF - What have been some of your greatest challenges with training?

Client - Myself mostly, you know, mind games. Battling my lack of motivation. It may sound like a poor excuse but I also struggle with lack of time. Have been getting better with time management though and prioritising my workouts.

PBOF - What else has helped you to stay on track?

Client - Have had a training partner for the past few months which really helps. I was seeing a trainer once a week which really helped but have needed to take a break for financial reasons. Of course your app has really helped with variety and recording my results. Not really a tech type of person but have found it pretty easy to use. Have started recording my meals on the app too which is another thing keeping me honest.

PBOF - So would you recommend PB Online Fitness to friends or family?

Client - Already have. Haven’t found anything that offers as much for that price. It has taken the guess work out of my training and keeps me accountable.

PBOF - That’s great to hear. Well thank you for your time and we wish you all the best.

Client - You’re welcome. Thanks to you too.

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