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Are you connected in the moment?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

We thought it a great opportunity to take some time to reflect on our lives, are we feeling connected or are we feeling fragmented with the demands of daily life? Being connected may mean many different things to many different people. For us it is being in the moment and being attentive to what we are doing in that moment.

We are human beings after all! Are we appreciating and enjoying the moment we are in? Are we truly listening to the person we are talking to or are we on our own agenda and thinking about what we are going to say next?

To stay connected is the challenge in life. It takes practice. Some people may want to walk in nature or barefoot along the beach to help them reconnect. Others may want to read, meditate or pray. Whatever it is that helps us to reconnect with ourselves will also help us to reconnect with others. In today's world we believe we need more than ever to be connected with ourselves, with those that are close to us and as a community.

Are we living a balanced life or are we chasing the illusive dream of having to have more?

Even though it is important to look after our physical well-being by maintaining our health and fitness, it is also important to maintain balance by looking after our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We encourage you to think about where you are up to in your life and if there are any changes you can make to help enhance your connections in the moment?

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