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Are you Stressed?

We hear so much about how stress can affect our health. Of course stress can come in so many different ways. From a physical point of view, if the foods we eat are lacking in nutrients and are high in sugar, fat or sodium then the stress put on our digestive track can come with dire consequences (literally)

It is often said that the gut is the start of our physical and mental health. If the gut is healthy, we are then able to absorb the nutrients we require which in turn can have positive effects on our hormonal and mental health. The following link is an interesting watch and a taste of how specialists believe the gut to be the key to our overall health:

Cutting back on sugar, saturated fats and excess sodium can be a great start but if you need specific nutritional advice then seeking advice from a dietician/nutritionist or naturopath could be well worth the investment to your overall health.

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