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Ever wondered how much exercise it would take to burn off your favourite fast food?

Listed below are some guidelines to what you may need to do to burn those extra calories:

And it may get you thinking if it's worth it?

Big Mac, large fries and large coke

2.5 hour run or 5 hour walk or 6 hour strength workout

12” meatball sub

1 hour 50 minute run or 3.5 hour walk or 4.5 hour strength workout

Glazed Dunkin donut and latte

50 minute run or 1.5 hour walk or 2 hour strength workout

Double Whopper with cheese and medium fries

2.5 hour run or 5 hour 10 minute walk or 6.5 hour strength workout

Strawberry and crème Frappucino

40 minute run or 1 hour 20 minute walk or 1 hour 40 minute strength workout

Large chicken Burrito (brown rice, black beans, sour cream, cheese, guacamole) and nachos with guacamole

4 hour run or 7 hour 50 minute walk or 9.5 hour strength workout

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