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Has Life Sped up for You?

Has life sped up for you and if so, why? Is it that we are under more pressure to make a living? If so what is considered a reasonable standard of living? I remember my father saying a short time before he passed away that he didn’t look back on his life and wished he had worked more. He was from the generation that worked hard and of course it is important to have a strong work ethic but I believe we also need to find a healthy work/life balance.

How many of us get caught up in the ‘having to have’ trap. We are bombarded with so much advertising nowadays. One sale rolls into the next for some of these stores. How much of the stuff that we have to have ends up as surplus clothing in the wardrobe, surplus furniture or nick-knacks collecting dust? Or is it because with all the technology at our fingertips that we are living a faster paced life? I personally believe it is a combination of different factors and that life is continuing to speed up around us.

People are in more of a hurry to get somewhere. But are they actually enjoying the moment they are in? We just have to look at how aggressive some drivers are on the road. How many times do we see an erratic driver weaving in and out of traffic, only to be held up at the next set of lights? When you pull up beside them they often look so stressed!

Where do our values lie? Do we even think about our fellow men and women? I challenge you to stop and evaluate where your life is at, how you feel within and give some consideration to whether you are achieving the work/life balance you truly desire. Give yourself a bit of nurturing time and even better, do this for someone else too.

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