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How do you stay motivated?

Statistics show that nearly 50% of new members will stop using the gym within the first six months. There are a number of factors contributing to this including cost, loss of motivation, feeling self-conscious, no support, moving away and not seeing results quick enough. Another interesting statistic is only 18% of members actually use the gym on a regular basis.                 

Do you fit in to this category? If so, here are a few motivational tips:

1. Stick to a weekly training schedule. Gym days are not shopping days, socialising days, cleaning days or any other distraction day!

2. Ensure you have a programme to follow with regular progress reviews and changes to the programme as necessary.

3. To help keep you accountable, record and track the relevant data for each workout i.e. weights and repetitions performed. Results speak volumes for the effort put into a regular training regime.

4. Another way to stay accountable and motivated is to record and track your weight and girth measurements every 4 to 6 weeks. Taking a photo in the same clothing and stance can also help keep you motivated.

5. Train with a friend or partner. Not only can they assist with certain exercises but a little friendly competition never hurt when it comes to reaching your desired goals.

6. Stop undervaluing your health, fitness and well-being. Feeling a million dollars can cost a fraction of your weekly social spend!

If you need a good system or support with the above, why not give PB Fitness Online a go? Our system includes all the programmes and tracking capabilities you need to reach your Personal Best. For only $2.90 per week and a Free 7 day trial, what (or how much) have you got to lose? 

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