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Meditation, the Mind and More

With a wide variety of meditation techniques to choose from, many people struggle with what is the best option to start with. It may be a good idea to read some information on what meditation is, what techniques are better to start with and what steps can be taken to learn a technique properly. Following lessons or a Master/teacher can only help but here are some basic concepts about meditation or mind relaxation techniques. Think of our mind as the ocean. On the surface it can be calm or rough, depending on the external factors in our life, but below the surface is a deeper state where our minds remain calm. You often hear people talk about their experiences of scuba diving as finding tranquility and peace. As with diving under water, regular practise of meditation and other mind relaxation techniques can help restore some of the tranquility in our daily lives. The measurement of brain waves, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma are the varying levels of wakefulness, relaxation, meditation, sleep and higher insight. By practising meditation regularly we are also improving our cognitive function. It has been said that true healing only occurs when we experience the peaceful or restful periods between periods of activity. By practising meditation regularly we are giving our body, mind and even our soul time to restore. Stilling the mind can also be achieved through active meditation such as walking on the beach or in a forest. As with any relaxation technique we are actually learning to reconnect with our true state or divine state. This is a state of everlasting love, peace, joy and harmony. I believe this state is also relatively unconditional. By this I mean it is not reliant on anyone else to get us to this state, just on the effort we make to seek and attain it. 

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