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Planning + Preparation = Performance

Healthy eating can be hard at the best of times. 

"I don't have the time", "I always buy the wrong food at the grocery store" "It's just easier getting takeaways"

These are only some of the excuses we use. How can we expect to perform well on poor nutrition or eating habits? 

Let's look at some simple ideas to help..


1. Plan your meals before you go grocery shopping. 

2. Plan which meals are best suited to which days, depending on how much time you have that day. 

3. Plan your grocery shopping day when the freshest produce is available. 


1. Where possible, prepare your meals in advance. This may mean taking something out of the freezer or using a slow cooker so you are not eating too late at night. 

2. Enjoy the preparation process. A meal made with love and care is a meal to savour. 

3. Prepare the table and make the most of the time to connect with your partner or family members. There;s no need to rush!

Take care of the above and you will maximise the benefits of eating healthily. 

We don't put dirty petrol in our cars and expect them to perform well.

So if you want your body to perform well then fuel it accordingly!

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