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Quantity vs Quality-Training Smarter

The benefits of exercise are many-losing/maintaining weight, improved athletic performance, building a strong immune system, mental well-being, to name a few.

At what point though does exercise intensity become a possible lead-in to injuries or other health risks from adrenal fatigue.

Finding a balance with your exercise regime is extremely important. By listening to your body and adjusting your training regime accordingly can save you many long term setbacks.

By maintaining correct exercise technique you will not only enhance your results but also greatly reduce the risk of muscle, tendon or ligament damage. Correct technique includes controlled movement patterns (avoiding fast, ballistic movements) correct posture, foot/knee/hip alignment etc. We use the ABC of training-Alignment, Breathing, Controlled speed. Usually by controlling your speed, you are able then to check your alignment (spine and joint alignment) plus give you the time to breathe properly throughout the movement.

Over training can have a detrimental effect on your system through adrenal fatigue. Exhaustion, anxiety, lowered immune response, poor sleep are only some of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

By listening to your body, focusing on correct technique, allowing adequate rest between training, eating well and taking prolonged breaks from exercise when needed will promote longevity with your training regime.

As with nutrition, balance is the key and as we know, this balance can be different for every individual. Train Smarter!

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