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The effects of Alcohol

There are many positive aspects of drinking less alcohol. Of course if you are trying to lose a few kg’s and drink on a regular basis then cutting back on alcohol will definitely help. The calories in alcohol per gram are nearly double that of most foods. Also, the calories you consume from alcohol have very little nutritional benefit.

Another benefit of cutting back on your alcohol intake is the effect it has on the next day. How many ‘days after’ are wasted from sitting on the couch feeling sorry for yourself when you could have been out for a walk, jog or bike ride.

And don’t forget the food choices we make when we are drinking alcohol. Personally, beer and potato chips (most salty snacks for that matter) are a match made in heaven. Also, how many times have you stopped off for takeaways on the way home from a night out? Resolve is so much weaker under the influence.

Whether it be cutting back or giving yourself a total break from alcohol, your waistline, liver and other organs plus your bank account will thank you for it.

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