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The Keto Diet

Our bodies predominantly break down carbohydrates into glucose which it uses for energy. Excess carbohydrates will store as fat whereas not enough glucose will lead the body into ketosis where it burns stored fat for energy. The ketogenic or keto diet is where the majority of carbs are removed from our diet leading the body to use fat exclusively for energy. While there are many benefits to this type of diet, it is not ideal for everyone and seeking medical or professional nutritional advice is strongly advised before starting this type of regime.

Potential benefits:

1. Weight loss-Diets higher in fats can leave you feeling satiated for longer so weight loss can be achieved more easily.

2. More energy-Changing over to a higher fat diet can initially leave you feeling lower in energy but once these effects (often called the keto flu) have decreased, many people report their energy levels increase.

3. Improved mental focus-Once adjusted to the keto diet, many people report heightened mental alertness, concentration and memory.

4. Some doctors recommend the keto diet to people who are pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes as blood sugars are decreased and are more consistent.

5. Improved sleep-Once adjusted to the keto diet, many people report improved sleep.

Potential risks:

1. Increased ketones in your system can lead to keto breath which can be pungent. Most people report this reducing after a few weeks.

2. Initial loss of energy-During the adaptation period many people experience a reduction in energy or performance as the body adapts to burning fat for energy. It is advised not to over exert yourself during this period.

3. Digestive issues-With any change in diet, the digestive system may react to these changes. Some people experience either constipation or diarrhoea when starting the keto diet.

4. Although most people will experience some improvement with their sleep, some people experience insomnia in the initial stages of this new diet. Like most side effects of the keto diet, these symptoms will reduce after a few weeks, especially when accompanied with regular exercise.

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