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Trends vs Tendency

We all hear about the latest and greatest exercise fad and with most fads they seem to come and go fairly quickly.

Following the latest trends can be motivating but if you are unable to keep up with these ever changing trends then maybe focusing on what you enjoy doing or what challenges and keeps you stimulated the most is a smarter solution. For extra motivation, you may want to rotate through some of your favourite types of training.

There are many training regimes that have surpassed the label of ‘trend’. Here is a list of a few that have withstood the test of time:

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)-Alternating between periods of high intensity training and rest with a focus on short term ratios i.e. 30 seconds for both.

Group training-If training on your own is challenging or if personal training is out of your budget then joining a supervised group session may be the answer to helping you stay motivated.

Using free weights-Whether dumbells, barbells or kettlebells, at home or at the gym, the functionality, flexibility and variety from using free weights can keep your body challenged and on track to achieving your desired goals.

Circuit training-If you were training in the 80’’s or 90’s then circuit training may extract memories of rotating around the room filled with pin loaded machines. Although this can still be effective, circuits can be made up of any moderate to high intensity exercise (around 10 stations) focused on different strength or fitness components.

Outdoor activities-There is nothing quite as refreshing as a walk on the beach or in a forest. Why restrict your training to the same four walls when nature can offer some of the best scenery and fresh air!

Functional training-Focusing on rebuilding potential weaknesses in the body can lead to improved day to day functionality. If you have trouble getting out of a chair or struggle with poor balance for example then targeted training to improve these areas can definitely help. You may need the guidance of a trainer or physio to help assess potential weaknesses and prescribe the most suitable exercises.

Whatever training technique or regime you wish to follow, try to focus on a balanced programme between muscle groups, between strength, cardio fitness and functional or core stability training.

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