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What are our relationships trying to teach us?


The way we relate to each other can tell us a lot about ourselves and how connected we are, not only with others but also ourselves. Some relationships can bring joy and positivity to our lives while some relationships may bring challenges and even negativity to our lives. By looking at what our relationships offer can help us learn more about ourselves, what our values are, the level of respect we possess for ourselves and others etc. There is a great book called ‘Spiritual Partnerships’ written by Gary Zukav, that explains the different types of relationships we have in our lives and how the interaction with others can lead to personal growth and freedom from negative emotional attachments.

There may be times when you have asked yourself ‘why am I in this hurtful relationship?’ or ‘why do I keep attracting the same negative experiences?’ I believe the answer is that we actually attract others into our lives to either learn from them (or the experiences in the relationship) to help others learn or a combination of both. When we can look at this from an objective point of view and not from a subjective point of view, we can then start to open up to the possibilities that these relationships offer. Instead of taking things personally we can start exploring the possible reasons for the experiences we have in all types of relationships and the potential for real growth.

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