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What are YOUR Core Values?

We often hear the term ‘core values’ being used but how many of us actually incorporate our values into our lives? How many important decisions do we make without considering if our decision aligns with our values? Are our values and those of our partners respected and compatible? Many years ago I got talking to a member of a large fitness centre I was working at and we started talking about the lack of true values in society and a lack of awareness of what our values are. I confessed that I hadn’t really thought about my values but when he asked what was important to me, what I felt my purpose was, I started to really think what were the driving forces behind what and why my life was the way it was. I realised that helping others had always been important to me, that personal and spiritual growth was also important and holistic health and well-being. He explained that if I could include at least one of my values into any important decisions, or ideally all of my values, then the outcome had an increased chance of being fruitful, of fulfilling my true goals. He also mentioned that ideally, some of our values should align with those of our partner. There doesn’t need to be total compatibility with our values but some definitely helps. Have you taken the time to consider what values are important to you, what it is that you consider important in your life? Take a moment to reflect on your life, where you are at the present moment and how incorporating your values may affect your present and future decisions. I believe the best outcomes are the ones where you are fulfilling your true self while also benefiting the relationships around you or even society as a whole.

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