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What could be holding you back?

What is holding us back from achieving exactly what we want? Is it fear? Is it complacency or a lack of motivation? Are we too busy? Are there distractions around us that keep us from reaching our goals? Whatever it is that is holding us back, we may need to take a serious look at our goals. How important are these to us? What would it mean to us if we could achieve our goals i.e would we feel more fulfilled or how would achieving our goals improve our lives?

Truly realising what achieving our goals would mean to us can be the catalyst for committing to a plan to reach them. Identifying the perceived challenges or obstacles can also help us to keep these in perspective and help to overcome them. Having a time frame in which we would like to reach out goals is also important in keeping us accountable.

Only we can make the changes we desire in our lives. Again, when we take responsibility for our actions and reactions, we will truly start taking the steps to improve our lives. Blaming others, the situations we find ourselves in, or anything else we can pass the responsibility onto, only prolongs our potential of making positive changes to our lives. When we consider the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives and what we need to achieve balance and fulfillment in these aspects, it is actually an exciting opportunity that lays ahead of us in achieving this balance. Once we begin to achieve success in our lives we also have an amazing opportunity to help others. But again, it all starts with us taking responsibility for our own lives, facing our challenges, asking for help and remaining consistent on our journeys to a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Here is to reaching your PB (Personal Best)!!

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