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What drives us to reach our desired goals?

When we take the time to look at our motives for doing what we do, it can be a great opportunity to understand what the driving forces are behind our actions and reactions. These driving forces can be positive attributes such as the desire to help others, the desire to expand our knowledge and awareness, the desire to have a positive impact on society, fulfilling our values etc.

Unfortunately, these driving forces can also be negative attributes such as being ego driven, fear driven, compensatory behaviour, anger and retaliation etc. By being able to assess these motives and take responsibility for them, we then have the opportunity to flip them into positive driving forces in our lives.

If we can learn from our choices and understand what the driving forces for doing what we do are, we can then learn to overcome negative aspects within ourselves and replace them with positive ones. Once again, it is all about choice. For me, it is about remaining open to what life can teach us, forgiving myself and others for any hurts that may have been caused, giving thanks for the opportunities and blessings that life has to offer (even the challenges) and simply doing the best we can.

Sometimes though we just need to see the humour in what is happening in our lives. We all make crazy decisions sometimes and to be able to laugh at ourselves can help put things into perspective.

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