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Why you should Stretch after a Workout...

How many of us take the time to stretch after a workout? The benefits of stretching are so important to a well-rounded training regime. Some of these benefits include:

1. Improved range of movement

2. Reduced risk of injury

3. Increased blood supply and nutrients for muscle recovery

4. Helps eliminate toxins

5. Helps with stress release

6. Improved posture

7. Improved circulation

The two main types of stretching are dynamic and static. Dynamic stretching is where you move in and out of the stretch position and can help prepare your muscles prior to a workout. Static stretching is where you hold each stretch for a set time i.e. 30 seconds and is better suited to post workout recovery.

With any stretching, remember to avoid bouncing through the joints and to stretch to a range where there is no muscle or joint pain.

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