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Carolyn's story....

" I absolutely love it! I live in the Far North of NZ where going to a gym is not an option for me which is why this online programme is a perfect solution to getting my health and fitness back on track. I find the daily tracking is most effective to keep me honest, accountable and focused. The exercises are well planned, demonstrated perfectly and are easy to understand. Having your programme structured to fit where ever you choose to work out makes getting fitter and healthier that much easier. 

I also love that you can upload pics and chart your progress - I find this hugely motivating and the pics don't lie so there's no chance of cheating on the programme - it will show:-)
All in all I am thoroughly enjoying my experience with the online program and finally have my exercise mojo back - more energy and 7 kilos down in the first month! Nothing but smiles here! Looking forward to what I can achieve moving forward now that I have my health and wellness being well looked after with the guidance of PB Fitness online."

Gemma's Story...

"Before starting the programme I was feeling sluggish and moody. It was very difficult getting through a day of work. I wasn't eating the right foods and was not drinking enough water.

Since beginning the programme, I'm learning what foods I should be eating to sustain myself throughout the day also that drinking enough water is important. I have enjoyed a routine of going to the gym three times a week following a structured programme plus I also have a home workout if I couldn't get to the gym. I feel more energized when I eat the right foods and my moods are more stable. The system is great for keeping on track and motivated to keep going when I feel like giving up! Doing a workout in the morning helps me start the day properly and I have definitely noticed a change in my body. I am losing weight and reducing measurements so the system is working and has been easy to use. All my progress results are in one place in the system.

 It has been a hard but rewarding experience so far and would recommend to anyone who wants results, motivation and accountability to give it a go!!"

Jackie's Story...

"After thinking the 12 week fitness challenge was not my thing, I was brave enough to admit to myself no more excuses. That was the hardest part!

I joined and haven’t looked back. Not only am I feeling better, fitter, I am minus 23.3kgs!!

I look forward to our small group sessions with Gary & Kirsten. The sessions are with the same people so it is in very comfortable surroundings.

The sessions are varied and the attention to exercising correctly and their awareness to any existing injuries definitely shows the experience and commitment Gary & Kirsten have.

The online tracking makes you accountable, the support & feedback is invaluable, along with additional workouts to complete at home, recipes, articles & advice.

I am continuing in the next group of sessions, along with the rest of my group"

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